Exploring the indie procedural gaming worlds of Strangethink

Via @Strangethink23: “Probably gonna spend the next ten years trying to perfectly UV map a skydome. #gamedev”

This isn’t a rather evaluative disquisition on the rhetorical qualities of ontogenetic and teleological algorithms for procedural development of indie-developed games. Just a nod to the ingenuity and boldness of Strangethink, a self-described indie game developer that has been broadcasting his/her imagery and development via Twitter (as @Strangthink23). You can sign up at Strangethink.com with an email and await notification to play in the alien environments. (Update: It’s called Days of Electric Sky)

Here are some of the rather interesting tweets I’ve embedded below:


You can test out some of Strangethink’s other abstract procedural design algorithms at Strangethink.itch.io.

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