Grandmaster Flash DJing

Now and then: Grandmaster Flash scratching up some records. (Source: Native Instruments)


One of the more hilarious things to come out of Facebook involves grandmothers attempting to be the last adopters of the popular social media site, and how they blunder and stumble around while attempting to be sweet, kind, supportive, and, well, act like grandmothers. And one of those stumbles occurs when they attempt to write “Grandma” in an update, and Facebook recommends filling in the rest of the “Grandma” with “Grandmaster Flash,” the funky DJ from the days of the Furious Five, and certainly off the old white lady music radar.

The result is a Tumblr that chronicles the Grandmaster Flash phenomenon. One can only speculate if he’s getting a kick out of this. I know I would.

From #algopop:

The confused elderly people often don’t know what they are doing wrong, and in most cases don’t know who Grandmaster Flash is. One grandma then messages the hip-hop icon with the FB post ‘I didn’t mean to hit the grandmaster flash whatever that is’.

An example of grandmas turning themselves into Grandmaster Flash inadvertently.

A Grandmaster Flash/Grandma Facebook sample from the Tumblr “Love Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash.”

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