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My name is Aaron Geiger, and I am a PhD student studying digital rhetoric and composition at Northern Illinois University. My master’s work was in journalism and New Media at West Virginia University, where I also studied graduate creative writing and design theory. My bachelor’s degree came from the University of Illinois.

Previous employment included work as a developmental and copy editor for Fitness Information Technology, which published academic books, texts, and scholarly journals. I also served as publications manager for Parkland College, and led their news department into the digital age while I earned my bachelor’s at UIllinois. I was also a rescue swimmer for the United States Navy and served aboard the USS PREBLE (DDG-88).

I have presented and written on pieces from the failed model of WikiLeaks in terms of chain of custody of information; The New Aesthetic; blogging; New Media, and the use of cognitive science to connect literary characters to their authors.

This website is dedicated to my exploration of a personally coined term of digilalia, which demonstrates overlaps in digital culture, text, and our inventive expectations that frequently have unintended results or consequences.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to collaborate with you in the digital sphere.


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